Global Bodyweight Training - Interview with Even Esh
Zach Even-Esh, founder of Underground Strength Gym

Getting started in Bodyweight Training can be an intimidating task, so this week I’m happy to bring you this podcast interview introducing you to Zach Even-Esh, who is sure to be a great resource to anyone starting out. Nearly every day I receive emails from new bodyweight enthusiasts who are ready to jump into bodyweight training, but aren’t quite sure where to start. It’s a common, and understandable, problem. There are some good books out there on bodyweight training, and an over-abundance of free bodyweight training videos (some good, some bad). So between the good, the bad and the WTH?, things can get a little confusing.

Finding a Bodyweight Training Program

That’s exactly why it’s been our mission here at GBT to bring the most unique and effective bodweight exercises to our site. Eventually our exercise library will make up a comprehensive GBT Progressive Bodyweight Training system, including programs to help you through your fitness training. Until then, however, we still recommend other resources that can help you develop your bodyweight training regimen from the beginning. And when it comes to learning bodyweight training through an easy-to-follow, systemic program, I always refer people to Zach Even-Esh’s Bodyweight Building Secrets program.

You just may have heard of Zach Even-Esh already. After all, if you’ve been around the on-line fitness community over the past decade, you’ve probably come across Zach and his company Underground Strength. And although we may first think about Zach crushing weights and slamming tires, he also offers an insanely effective bodyweight training book: Bodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets. It’s so expertly designed and formatted, that it can be used by fitness enthusiasts of any level.

Podcast Interview with Zach Even-Esh

I had the pleasure of talking with Zach about his views on bodyweight training, his personal journey into the practice, and, of course, what you’ll find in his book. Check out the whole interview here:

More about Zach Even-Esh:

Zach is an author, founder of the Underground Strength Gym, and creator of the Underground Strength Certification program. He attributes his inspiration in training to the Golden Era of Bodybuilding & Days of Old School Strength. Check out his site Zach Even-Esh here.

Global Bodyweight Training - Even-Esh Recommendation
Even-Esh’s Bodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets system

You can find his Bodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets here.

(Full disclosure: I did recently become an affiliate of Zach’s book; but am proud to say that I’ve been referring people to his site for years before becoming an affiliate.)

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