Episode 2 of The World is Our Playground takes us to beautiful Costa Rica for a week-long adventure through mountains, rainforests, and beaches! It’s clear why this natural, outdoor playground is such a mecca for eco-adventurists and fitness enthusiasts from around the world. So check out what we found!


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Costa Rica may not be famous for fine dining, but you can still find a lot of great food. The country boasts a huge farming industry producing a wide range of delicious produce. While they export a lot, they don’t import much – so most of what you find in local restaurants and the small “sodas” (small cafes serving home-cooked food) is fresh, local, and not processed. I recommend you enjoy the yucca and pineapple every chance you get!

One of the best restaurants we ate in during our trip was Morphos Café, located across from the supermarket in downtown Santa Elena in the Monteverde area. We tracked it down after great recommendations from the locals and tourists alike, and were not disappointed. Simply decorated with a blue butterfly theme and wooden tables made from rough-hewn lumber, the restaurant was casual, clean and comfortable. Service wasn’t superfast, but was friendly and accommodating to our group’s many needs.

The menu includes the usual Costa Rican “typical” meals with rice, beans, chicken, and local produce, but also offers a wide range of other dishes. The garlic tenderloin was outstanding, as was a range of seafood options. A large selection of fresh fruit drinks makes an excellent way to kick off the meal – you can have fresh pineapple, mango, strawberry, banana (and more!) juice with water or milk. Or course, their bar selection of mojitos and margaritas is also an excellent way to start.

With its moderate prices and upbeat atmosphere, Morphos is a great way to check out good, local, fresh Costa Rican food. Pura Vida!

Santa Elena, Costa Rica,
2645 5607


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