Logal Christopher's Handstand Push-Ups manual
by Logan Christopher

(Sold through: Lost Art of Handbalancing)
Logan Christopher’s book covers all the positions, exercises, methods of progression, one hand handstands, freestanding handstand pushups, tons of workouts, training plans and much more for only $49! It’s great for anyone who wants to get stronger.

I’ve been working with a client of mine for a couple years now, and to say that this guy is athletically talented would be an understatement. In the years that we trained together he was consistently able to master every challenge I gave him. Whether it was Olympic lifts, advanced Kettlebell techniques, strongman stuff, his ability was incredible.

One day he happened to come into the gym while I was practicing handstands. The look on his face was priceless. He looked overly impressed and in awe, like a kid that just saw the COOLEST THING EVER! He later told me that kicking up into a solid unsupported handstand was always a dream of his. It was one thing he was never able to accomplish, but had been enamored with since he was a child. So of course every day he comes in now, it’s always the same question: “are we working on hand balancing today?!”

There’s something mystical about being able to see someone control their body in ways that defy gravity. But I must say, one of the most impressive moves is still an exercise called the HandStand Push Up (HSPU). I mean it’s impressive to see someone go up into a handstand and hold it, but to see them then lower themselves, nose to the ground and then push back up is another creature all together. But the road to mastering this technique is not a short one!

I always tell my clients, you know how you get good at pull ups? Answer: “You do pull ups.” You know how you get good at HSPU? Answer: “You spend a hell of a long time on HSPU!!!” Not to mention all of the preliminary strengthening progressions that lead up to one. And unlike all of the millions of other exercises, it’s a one-way street for these two exercises in particular. For example, if you add pull ups into a routine, it will increase your lat pull down strength; if you add HSPUs into your routine, it will increase your shoulder press. But not so much, the other way around. Doing shoulder presses won’t really increase your HSPU strength.

It truly is a testament to how demanding these exercises are on your neuromuscular system.

Just like any true feat of strength or skill, although the end movement may seem daunting or impossible, if you break it down into smaller more manageable steps, the body will eventually conquer the challenge.

A friend of mine has written a great instructional guide that does that for you. If you feel like you’re man enough, I would highly recommend Logan Christopher’s book, the Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups. Not only is the book an easy read, but Logan truly understands the idea of gradual progressive overload. The progressions are laid out with incredible detail and there are even suggested workout routines at the end of the book.

Remember, the key is consistency and dedication! With time you’ll eventually be able to master this impressive maneuver. If you are interested in checking out Logan’s book for yourself, check it out here: Ultimate Guide to Handstand Push-Ups

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