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Fitness Rope Poly Dac White


GBT's custom-made fitness ropes are the highest quality you'll find. And our Polyester Dacron ropes are an excellent choice for a versatile indoor-outdoor rope. These ropes are made from a blend of polyester and polypropylene fibers twisted into an incredibly strong, yet soft to the touch rope. The blend of fibers is softer therefore easier on the hands and skin, compared to manila. It also won't shed like manila, making them great for indoor or outdoor use. They have a high abrasion resistance, won’t stretch, and are very strong with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Poly dac ropes are lighter than the manila or double-braided versions, making them a good choice for use by individuals of various fitness levels. This white version brings a bright, clean look to your gym. (Black also available as a separate product). Each rope comes with vinyl handles soldered and stitched to each end, so your handles won't fall off no matter how hard you work those ropes. We also include a two feet heavy duty nylon fabric guard sewn onto the center to prevent fray. Because our ropes are made to order, we're able to offer an incredible variety of sizes, with 14 standard options of different diameters and lengths. Contact us for school discounts!

Select your size below for exact price: Diameters of 1.5″ or 2″ and Lengths between 25' to 100'

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Product Description

Fitness ropes. Power ropes and battle ropes. Exercise, training, or conditioning ropes. Whatever you call them, you’ll be blown away with the complete body workout they provide. Our ropes are the highest quality on the market to ensure they can take whatever workout you can serve up. We work with gyms, private training studios, schools, universities, teams, fire and police departments, and individual athletes from all over. And we’ll work with you to find the rope that meets your needs.

About Polyester Dacron Rope

Our Polyester Dacron (Poly Dac) ropes are an excellent choice for a versatile indoor-outdoor rope. You will love this rope which is as affordable as it is durable. Our ropes are made from a blend of polyester and polypropylene fibers twisted into an incredibly strong, yet soft to the touch rope. These ropes are popular with adults and kids alike, as they are easier on the hands and skin than the Manila variety. They have a high abrasion resistance, won’t stretch, and are very strong with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. They are little bit lighter per pound compared to the Manila or Double-Braided Nylon versions, making them a good choice for use by individuals of various fitness levels. Like all of our ropes, they come standard with the heavy-duty vinyl handles and 2 feet of heavy duty nylon fabric sewn to the center to help prevent fray (see below for more on these special features).

The Poly Dac ropes also won’t shed like manila, so they are great for using indoors without leaving fibers all over your floor. They also work great outside, as they can hold up better than Manila when wet. However, they will break down quicker if left exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Thus, we recommend storing them indoors, or out of the sun.

Poly Dac ropes are also available in Black, and in 1″ diameter (both sold as separate products).

Custom Made With Special Features

We custom make our ropes at our production center in Miami, with each one cut and finished to order. Special features include:

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Handles Every fitness rope comes with heavy-duty vinyl handles on both ends. We make sure those handles will stay attached by using both extra adhesive and stitching between the vinyl and rope – it’s an extra step that you will really appreciate when the handles don’t fall off after a couple of uses.
  • Nylon Guard:Each fitness rope comes with 2 feet of heavy duty nylon fabric sewn to the center of the rope to help prevent fray.


Fitness ropes are an excellent fitness tool that are increasing in popularity for great reasons: they provide a killer workout and are a lot of fun. You’ll see amazing results in muscular endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, and fat burning – and it’s not often you find a tool versatile enough to address all those areas at once! Benefits include:

  • Great for strength, power, and endurance
  • Increases aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • Alternative cardiovascular training that is low-impact yet high-intensity
  • Incredible full body workout, including great trunk conditioning
  • Develop grip strength
  • Utilizes natural movements with high functional carryover
  • Simple to immediately adjust workout intensity for individual needs, without having to adjust equipment
  • Safe and fun for all ages – you’ll feel like a kid again!


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Getting Started with Sample Exercises

Fitness ropes are an intense workout, but they are not complicated to learn or use. And we’ve got a bunch of resources to help you get going. Be sure to watch the video tutorial and read about the benefits of ropes in our article:

The most common ropes exercises include making Waves and Slams, where you are using total body flexion and extension as you slam the ropes down for strength, power and endurance. Waves can be varied in nearly infinite combinations of a wide range of elements:

  • Up-and-Down Waves, Alternating/Reciprocating, Criss-Cross movements;
  • Grappler Toss moves, where you are creating internal and external rotary movements;
  • Incorporating Squats and Lunges, including forward, reverse, and lateral movements as well adding in lower body plyometric movements like jumping squats, lunges and lateral hopping movements;
  • Adjusting your reps and durations, with high intensity interval training being particularly effective with ropes;
  • Train solo and with a partner; you can have another training partner “call out” movements to keep the exercise unpredictable and fresh, increasing your reaction time;
  • Even changing the grip to where the end of the rope is facing up is a great variation with an added challenge;
  • Vary your training position, from standing and kneeling to sitting on a stability ball, or even laying face down doing single arm waves;

Using Longer Ropes

Ropes can also be used for more than undulating (waves). You can also use your ropes for more traditional strength exercises like rows and pull-ups by throwing it over a firm anchor and using it to pull yourself up. This poses an excellent grip challenge with to improve both grip and pulling/rowing strength. The longer ropes (75 or 100 feet) are excellent tools for pulling and dragging sleds and heavier objects. Even a game of tug a war can prove to be quite a full body challenge.

Ropes 101 Tutorial

Check out our intro tutorial below, showing you some of the basic forms and progressions you can use to get going on making the the most of this great fitness tool!

What diameter Fitness Rope should I buy?

Our standard diameters are 1.5 inch and 2 inch, plus 1" in the poly dac versions. For most people, the 1.5” version is a good starting choice. This allows the average adult-sized hand size to get a secure grip and a full range of motion. It is also plenty heavy! This is an excellent option for gyms where individuals of various sizes and fitness levels will be using the same ropes.

More advanced fitness enthusiasts may prefer the heavier weight and greater challenge of the 2 inch version. It can be a good strategy to start out with the 1.5” diameter, and then move up to the 2” diameter after a few months. Then, alternating between the two with varying exercises is a great way to continue building strength and endurance.

Additionally, we now carry 1" Poly Dac ropes, which are great for kids with smaller hands. They are particularly great for younger ages through junior high.

What length Fitness Rope should I buy?

Our standard lengths are 25, 30, 40, 50, 75 and 100 feet, but we can also custom make any length you desire. Ideally, you want to choose a rope length that is appropriate to the amount of space you have to work out, and the type of work out you want to do.

Our most popular length is the 50 foot rope. This makes for a nice 25 foot length when wrapped around a pole or anchor, which can be used solo or with a partner. This 25 foot length is a good size for most people to be able to move the rope enough to get a challenging cardio and endurance workout.

Stronger individuals looking for an even more difficult workout can go with the 60 foot length. Remember, increasing either the diameter or the length with both make the rope heavier and the workout that much more intense. The 100 foot ropes are generally used for pulling exercises, like pulling and dragging sleds and heavier objects, or playing Tug-o-War.

You can always purchase a longer rope and put in some knots to make it shorter until your strength increases. This also makes it easy to share one size rope between individuals with differing fitness levels or goals.

What diamter Climbing Rope should I buy?

For Climbing Ropes, we recommend the 1.5” diameter rope for most persons. The 2” diameter can be very difficult to wrap your hand around, making it hard to get a good grip. We strongly recommend that only advanced athletes looking for a very challenging climb go with the 2”. If you haven’t tried a rope before, definitely test the 1.5” if you can, before deciding to go with the 2”.

What length Climbing Rope should I buy?

The length obviously depends on where you are going to use it. We recommend leaving an extra four feet beyond the height you’ll be hanging the rope from, so that some of the rope will fall on the fall. That slack makes it easier if you need to wrap it when starting to climb – for example, if you are doing the S-Hook. It also makes it easier for a spotter to help hold the rope in place.

Can you put knots in my Climbing Rope?

We sure can add knots! You’ll see a place on the rope order page where you can select to add knots. The cost of the knot includes the extra rope we’ll need to make it (approximately 24” per knot), so you’ll be sure to receive a rope that is the exact length you ordered, even after we tie the knots. We’ll beat them into place so they won’t be loose.

When you order knots, you’ll also need to fill in the information telling us how far up from the bottom to put the first knot, and how far apart to space them. The distance apart will depend on whether kids or adults will be using it. A good rule of thumb is 18” spacing for kids, and up to 3’ for adults. If you want to add your own knots afterward, be sure to order enough extra rope!

What kind of Fitness Rope would you recommend for my fitness studio where I train different clients?

It is of course difficult to make a generic recommendation without knowing your specific needs, and we’d be more than happy to talk with you about your individual circumstances. But, for a good starting point if you are looking to buy just one or two ropes to outfit your gym and want to go with something super versatile, we recommend going with the 50 foot, 1.5 inch diameter rope, in either the poly dac or double-braided premium nylon, in black.

Why do we use that as a starting recommendation? The 50 foot length is our most popular length for general use. When wrapped around a pole or other anchor it can fit well even in smaller gym spaces. It can also be shortened with knotting if needed. And, as also described above, the 1.5 inch diameter is the best fit for the average hand.

What kind of Fitness Rope would you recommend I get for my backyard?

Keep in mind that everyone’s needs are unique. But, we are frequently asked what we’d recommend for someone who wants to buy a rope for their individual use in their backyard, as opposed to something to be used in a gym. In this case, we still recommend the premium nylon as first choice due to its resiliency - it will do the best as standing up to weather and lasting you a long time. But, if it is out of your budget, manila ropes work just fine outside (we assume the shedding won’t be as big a deal if it is outside). We still recommend that you store it outside of the rain and elements if you want it to last longer, as manila doesn’t hold up well when left wet. The black Poly Dac is also a good outdoor choice!

What kind of Climbing Rope do you recommend for inside and outside?

The Grade A Manila ropes are the traditional climbing rope that you probably remember for gym class, and which you may have recently encountered in a Tough Mudder or other adventure race. These are great climbing ropes for indoor or outdoor. However, their roughness can be hard on your hands.

The Poly Dac ropes are a softer option that is much easier on your hands. However, that also makes them more slippery, so it is harder on your grip and therefore a more difficult workout. If that’s what you are looking for, then this is a great option! The Poly Dac ropes hold up excellent indoor and outdoor, and will last a little longer outdoors than the Manila will. If you find the Poly Dac to be too slippery at first, you can try wearing gloves, particular football receiver gloves with the sticky palms, until your grip grows stronger.

If you are going to hang your rope outside in the elements, the Manila will hold up better in direct sunlight, while the Poly Dac will hold up better in the rain. So, you’ll need to think about where you are going to hang it.

Are your ropes manufactured in the U.S.?

We are proud to have all of our ropes manufactured in the U.S, hand-made by skilled artisans at a local factory right here in Miami. The Double-Braided Nylon ropes are made on-site from start to finish. The Poly Dac and Manila ropes are imported and then cut and customized here in our warehouse.

Can I order a rope in a size I don't see on your website?

Absolutely! We can make your rope(s) in almost any length you want, with diameters up to 4 inches. Please contact us at to discuss any custom needs.

How long will it take for my rope to arrive?

One of things that makes our ropes so special is that they are hand crafted by skilled artisans, custom-made per each order. One of the reasons we can offer such a large variety of ropes in so many fiber, diameter and length options is that we don’t keep them in inventory, choosing instead to make each one as ordered. Therefore, we can’t do same day shipping like places who sell mass produced ropes.

We aim to get orders completed and shipped as quickly as possible, but we generally estimate it will take 3-5 business days to make the ropes. We then ship via FedEx ground, which can take another 2-5 days depending on how far away you are from our shipping point in Miami, Florida. We’ll send you the tracking number as soon as it ships so that you’ll know exactly when it is going to arrive. That comes in an email from FedEx, so be sure to check your spam folder for FedEx emails if you haven’t heard from us within a week!

What are your Rope shipping options?

Standard US Shipping:

Our standard shipping is via FedEx Ground, as they usually have the best prices for our type of shipping. You’ll be shown the cost when you enter your address at checkout.

Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico:

We are also pleased to offer shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, although the shipping cost is generally higher than within the contiguous U.S. You’ll be shown the price when you enter your address at checkout.


We also ship to Canada. You’ll see the charge for shipping to Canada when you enter your Canadian address at checkout. Since our ropes are manufactured here in the U.S., they are covered by NAFTA and therefore do not incur import taxes. However, other customs fees may be added on to your order by Canadian customs, and you would be required to pay those directly to customs before receiving your ropes. We do not have any control over the charges and cannot estimate what they might be. Be aware that international shipments are subject to opening and inspection by customs authorities. Please note that shipping times for international orders can vary from as quickly as 1 week to as long as 12 weeks depending on the shipping method used.

What is your return policy on Ropes?

All sales of Fitness or Climbing Ropes are final. We take great pride in the quality of our ropes, and since we custom make and ship each order, we are confident that the product will be in perfect condition. (Note that this differs from the return policy on our videos and other products). If for some reason your rope(s) are damaged upon arrival, we will replace them. If you do receive damaged or defective ropes, please contact us within five days of delivery, at Please DO NOT return them without first contacting us for instructions on the return process. We will request photos of the damaged rope, as this expedites our return process and allows us to immediately address any quality control concerns. The rope(s) must be sent back in new and unused condition. Once the return has been processed, your replacement rope will be sent out to you. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, so if you have any questions about this policy, please contact us.