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Our custom-made, high-quality climbing ropes are exceedingly durable and easy to use. Our Polyester Dacron (Poly Dac) ropes are made from a blend of polyester and polypropylene fibers twisted into an incredibly strong, yet soft to the touch rope. The soft eye loop makes it easy to hang just about anywhere, without extra hardware, so your next intense workout could be as close as the first beam or branch you can find! This white version brings a bright, clean look to your gym or backyard. (Black also available as a separate product). Each rope comes with vinyl boot to prevent fray stitched to one end, and a 6″ spliced soft loop protected by a heavy duty nylon fabric guard on the other end. Because our ropes are made to order, we're able to offer an incredible variety of sizes, with 10 standard options of different diameters and lengths. Contact us for school discounts or custom lengths!

Select your size below for exact price: Diameters of 1.5″ or 2″ and Lengths between 15' to 24'.

Add Poly Dac Knots

We can put knots in your rope. Cost includes the extra rope needed to make the knot, so your rope will still be exactly as long as ordered.

Rope Spacing

Tell us how far up from the bottom to start the knots, and how are apart you would like them spaced. A good rule of thumb is about 18″ for kids and up to 3′ for adults.

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Product Description

Climbing ropes. Gym ropes. Adventure race, training, or conditioning ropes. Whatever you call them, you’ll be blown away with the complete body workout they provide. Our ropes are the highest quality on the market to ensure they can take whatever workout you can serve up. We carry premium Manila and Poly Dacron (in both black and white!) climbing ropes, all cut to order to meet your specific fitness needs. We work with gyms, private training studios, schools, universities, teams, fire and police departments, and individual athletes from all over. And we’ll work with you to find the rope that meets your needs.

About Poly Dac Climbing Ropes

What makes our ropes so special? Our Polyester Dacron (Poly Dac) ropes are made from a blend of polyester and polypropylene fibers twisted into an incredibly strong, yet soft to the touch rope. Adults and kids alike love the way these ropes feel, as the soft fibers aren’t as rough on the hands as the traditional Manila rope can be. And the soft eye loop makes it easy to hang just about anywhere, without extra hardware. Bring your own boot camp wherever you can find a beam or tree to toss the rope over!

The Poly Dac ropes can be more challenging to climb, as they can be more slippery, requiring a stronger grip. This can be really helpful if you are trying to develop your grip strength, or are training for an adventure race which might require you to climb a rope in the mud. We recommend using gloves at first if the material is too difficult.

Global Bodyweight Training Manila Climbing Rope
Spliced Eye Loop at end of Manila Rope

Like the rest of our fitness ropes, our Poly Dac climbing ropes are custom-made in a factory right here in Miami with incredible attention to detail. Each rope is individually handcrafted with a technique known as splicing, where the attachment end is braided back into itself to form a 6″ loop. The loop is then covered with a heavy duty nylon friction guard, which protects it from fraying. And, as with all of our ropes, the other end is finished off with a heavy duty vinly boot to protect that end from fray as well. We make sure the handles will stay attached by using both extra adhesive and stitching between the vinyl and rope – it’s an extra step that you will really appreciate when the handles don’t fall off after a couple of uses.

This white rope looks clean and bright in your studio or outside. Black is also available as a separate product.


Try out this awesome fitness tool and you’ll immediately see why they are increasing in popularity: they provide a killer workout and are a lot of fun.

  • Build upper body strength and improve upper body muscular endurance
  • Increase overall pulling conditioning
  • Strengthen grip
  • Burn fat
  • Employ a variety of movements for a full body workout
  • Build your skills for your next adventure race!
  • Utilizes natural movements with high functional carryover
  • Use indoors or outside
  • Simple to immediately adjust workout intensity for individual needs, without having to adjust equipment
  • Safe and fun for all ages – you’ll feel like a kid again!

Whether you are planning to give an obstacle race a try; are contemplating trying out for American Ninja Warrior; or just want to develop killer grip strength and super hero lats and biceps, the climbing ropes should be in everybody’s training tool box.


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How to Start Climbing

You’ll find there are many techniques for climbing rope, and you can progress to more advanced climbing over time. Check out our article on The S-Hook Climbing Technique and watch the tutorial below for a great place to start:

How to Hang Your Rope

GBT ropes all come with a 6″ eye loop on one end, offering multiple possibilities for hanging your rope:

Global Bodyweighttraining Training Manila Climbing Rope
Choker Loop for Hanging with Spliced Eye Loop

Hanging With Choker Loop: We believe that this eye loop provides one of the best possible ways for attaching the rope – you can just loop it around a beam, a tree limb, or any fixed object, and pull the end through, without any need for hardware to install. Just pull it tight, and you’ve got yourself an extremely safe rope that can accommodate a weight load of over 5,000 pounds. No need for extra hardware. Just grap your rope, and go find a great big tree for an incredible workout in the outdoors.

Global Bodyweight Training Manila Climbing Rope
Eye loop hung with chain and carabineer

Hardware Option: If you don’t have a beam to hang it over, but would rather attach it to your ceiling, we do offer a chain and carabiner. We recommend about 3 feet of chain, which threads through the loop and then is attached to your fixed object with the carabineer.

How to Retrieve Your Rope

Throwing the rope over a limb or beam may be easy, but how do you get it back down? Climbing the tree or using a ladder are two options, but we recommend this safer method. Thanks to GBT fan Jim Davison who sent us this video demonstrating his creative – and very effective – way for getting the rope down easily!

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