Parallettes are an easy to make tool that I happen to use every day in my training. They’re under roughly $50.00 for the material and well worth every penny!They can be used for all types of push ups as well as hand balancing exercises and gymnastics skills (if you’re willing to dedicate the time!)
The process is easy, go to the hardware store and grab a basket or a friendly employee if you’re not familiar with PVC pipe.

Shopping List:

  • 10’ PVC pipe 1 ½” diameter
  • 4 x PVC T joints (make sure all PVC parts are 1 ½ inch diameter)
  • 4 x PVC elbow / 90 degree joints
  • 8 x PVC end caps
  • Tape measure
  • Electrical tape
  • PVC pipe glue
  • Hacksaw or pipe cutter
  • Paper towels
  • Putting it together:

    Once you cut your pipe, we want to end up with:

  • 2 x 24” pieces
  • 4 x 8” pieces
  • 8 x 5” pieces
  • The easiest way to go about this, is to get a pen, measuring tape and electrical tape. Measure from the beginning of the pipe and make a mark at 24”. Wrap a piece of electrical tape at this first mark, then repeat the process at the following places: 48”, 56”, 64”, 72”, 80”, 85”, 90”, 95”, 100”, 105”, 110”, 115”.
    Next secure the PVC pipe and make cuts at each of the points you marked with the tape. Take the paper towel and dust all of the PVC shavings out.

    Just by looking at the picture, I’m sure you can figure out how to piece everything together. Just be sure to use a generous amount of glue and allow it to set for a couple of hours before using them.

    You can check out our video “25 Push Up Variations for Total Chest Development” for some ideas on how to incorporate the parallettes into your routine. (Sign up for our newsletter, at bottom of this page, for free access to the video!) There will also be lots of information in up coming articles and videos on this extremely versatile exercise tool!

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