Parallettes may be one of the most versatile of all bodyweight training tools. Designed to simulate the parallel bars that can be seen in professional gymnasiums, these scaled down versions offer most of the versatility while taking up a fraction of the space. They can be used for basic strength exercises like push ups and dips, but the true training potential is in the static holds like L-Sits, Planches or in the super advanced moves like the handstand pushup. Wherever you’re current level is, you have plenty of room to progress with these super simple tools.

Where to Get Parallettes

Want to try them out without having to spend too much money? Here’s my easy to follow instructions for making your own for under $50:
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  1. I made my set over the weekend, awesome stuff and extremely simple. Didn’t use any glue though, just a rubber mallet to keep them together. So far two workouts including them has yet to see them fall. I like it. Thanks again for the cheap yet profitable tip. So far I really like the site.

    1. Hey Kevin! Glad you are enjoying these amazingly versatile training tools! I use them almost every day in my training. If you start doing any handstand presses on them, or any upside down exercises, you may want to add the glue just to be safe. Keep up the good work!!

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