New space for GBT! We'll be hanging rings and ropes to the left of those monkey bars.
I’m excited to use this post to update you about GBT’s recent move to a new training space! The move was quite an undertaking, so we didn’t get to post our usual exercise of the week – but don’t worry, that will be back next week! In the meantime, I’m posting a sort video below showing a little bit of my first workout at the new place. You can see how much fun this new place is!

Cool Stuff at the New Space

Supported handstand push-ups against the new monkeybars
Tons of space for some Animal Flow!
We couldn’t be more excited about the new space we’ve created with U-Fit Health and Performance, which is turning an old school building into a health and fitness high performance center. As you can see from these photos, the indoor training studio on the second floor is equipped with plenty of bodyweight training equipment, including a nice monkey bar system. We’ll be hanging rings, ropes, and other suspension toys soon, too.

Of course, we’ve including some nice long open areas perfect for practicing animal movements. We also have a basketball court behind the gym full of parkour boxes, bars, and obstacles. Add with the actual beach (beautiful Miami Beach) just a few blocks away, and we’ve got ourselves the perfect bodyweight training Mecca for all of South Florida (and, we hope, soon the rest of the world!).

WE have PLENTY of space to start holding Global Bodyweight Training workshops, as well as to start offering certifications in Animal Flow training.

I shot a little bit of video during my first workout, and thought I’d share it with you below. You can see how much potential there is for this place!

Upcoming Workshops, Classes, and Events!

As I mentioned above, we’re ready to start planning some workshops and other fun stuff, so get ready for some upcoming invites to our inaugural events! We’d love to hear from you all about what you would be interested for bodyweight training and/or animal flow certification workshops. We’re still developing the plans so this is the time to tell us what you want! With so many of our fans living all around the country, we hope to be able to put together weekend-long events that make it easy for people to come visit us in Miami Beach.

And, for all you locals, please drop us a line if you want to learn more about personal bodyweight coaching and our new upcoming classes! We’re located on Alton Road and 18th Street, and would love to have you come on by!

Finally, I want to welcome all the new-comers to our site! We’re thrilled to have so many new people joining our GBT family! If you haven’t checked out and liked our GBT Facebook page, make sure to do so – that’s where we post our Tips of the Day and lots of user videos and pictures. And, don’t forget to share your own bodyweight workout pictures and videos over there, so we can all appreciate your hard training work!

Published by Mike Fitch

Mike is the founder of Global Bodyweight Training. He has more than 12 years as a fitness professional encompassing a wide range of disciplines which he draws upon to create the GBT system.

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  1. Hey Mike, that looks like a really sweet space you have there, I’m jealous bud!
    looking forward to see what you come up with, as I’m sure having a shine new place to workout is motivation
    in itself, good luck

    1. Thanks Malcolm! We are going to have so many new videos and workshops. I’d love if you can make it over sometime to train with us. How are your trainers doing with the animal flow?

      1. Practicing the drills, but right now its holiday season here and also Ramadan so difficult to work and train for them in fasted state!
        also the gym I use is in a 5 star hotel so they are real busy.
        They think its great though and much more challenging than expected! getting ready to implement some of the travelling movements into our Sunday sessions so check the blog from time to time,
        I’m so jealous of your Monkey bars dude! I love swinging around on those things but the ones in the park where we workout are kinda low and not that safe, Ill putt up a vid on the blog soon if I don’t pull them down in the process HaHaHa

        Take care bud

  2. Hey Mike, really like your site and the articles and tutorials, to me your tutorials are better than most of the sites I look at. I read about your bodyweight challenge, just wondering, are you still just doing bodyweight exercise only. I noticed in some of the videos there are kettlebells and clubbells in the background. Also, are you planning on releasing a new Animal Flow 2 video?

    Take it easy

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