KEVIN GRETO sent in our favorite entry this week. He integrates some parkaour and hand balancing techniques into his workout. And, the only tool he uses are a pair of parallettes, which if you don’t have a pair of your own, you can click on the parallettes tab to learn how to make them. I continue to be impressed by the creativity of all of the bodyweight enthusiasts out there! This has been an excellent opportunity to see some new things and spark some creativity for myself and the other viewers.

Published by Mike Fitch

Mike is the founder of Global Bodyweight Training. He has more than 12 years as a fitness professional encompassing a wide range of disciplines which he draws upon to create the GBT system.

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  1. Thanks, LeTania. Little known fact, a backflip becomes much harder when you add a sword into it, but also much funnier.

    Thanks, Al. Awesome site btw. As soon as the weather warms up here I plan on rocking my own pair of Invisible shoes based off of the info on your site. Good luck in the competition.

  2. Hi there,

    Got to say you got an awesome blog there. Its great to see that kind of workout displayed as it is. Keep it up!
    I also wrote a blog recently about simple thing to know to get started with a bodyweight workout .


    1. Hey thanks Mack, glad you like it. I’m looking forward to checking out your site. It’s good to continue to build the community and support each other.

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