Alexandre Alves demonstrates the Ninja Kip Up
When the winning video for our Advanced Bodyweight Workout Challenge included the creative push up to ninja kip up as one of its exercises, we knew right away we wanted to feature a lesson on how to do the kip up. The challenge winner, Brazilian Alexandre C. Alves, had submitted an impressive combination of bodyweight exercises on his video, including this awesome move, so we asked him if he’d put together a video showing how it’s done. Although he makes this movement look easy, it’s definately a challenging exercise that requires a bit of practice.

Alexandre’s video takes us through a step by step progression that lays out each lead up exercise in an easy to follow format. Check it out!

And, if you can read Portuguese, you can check out his accompanying article on his blog here.

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  1. Very cool – I seem to recall being able to do this move when I was much younger – time to work on this goal!

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