Happy New Year from myself and the crew here at GBT! It’s going to be a really exciting year, full of great articles, videos and DVDs. My resolution is to increase the awareness of alternative styles of exercise (especially bodyweight training) as well as spread solid nutritional info to keep all of my friends and family living long healthy lives.

One of our biggest goals is to make GBT an integrated, user friendly site. We’ve always wanted this blog to be a project that reaches around the world, with our members totally engaged in what we’re trying to accomplish. So please send in any pics and or stories of your training around the world, and maybe we’ll put you up as our Picture of the Week! You can reach me at mike@globalbodyweighttraining.com

In addition to this site, you can also visit the fan page Global Bodyweight Training on Facebook. Every day I’ll be posting exercise or nutritional tips as the status updates. So please check it out and “Like” it to become a fan.
Let’s make this year the year to be in the sickest shape ever!

Published by Mike Fitch

Mike is the founder of Global Bodyweight Training. He has more than 12 years as a fitness professional encompassing a wide range of disciplines which he draws upon to create the GBT system.

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