Mike’s Global Playground

Mike’s Global Playground, our sister site, is a project together to increase awareness about all of the fun and different types of exercise all over the world. The idea is that fitness opportunities can be found anywhere, and most importantly, outside of the gym walls.

Our fitness guru Mike Fitch and his small production crew, including producer and project partner Karen Mahar, travel to a new city each month to feature a style of exercise that is specific to that particular city. Leading up to the adventure, Mike has the task of attempting to learn that style of exercise or sport for the episode, demonstrating that anyone can do it!

Each “episode” includes much more than just the video. You’ll also find a photo gallery, blog entries, a featured band, a restaurant review, and links to resources, companies, and adventure specialists featured in the production. Check out the episodes below:

Episode 3: Kiteboarding in Key West

Fitch handbalance, southernmost point, Key West
Episode 3: Kiteboarding in Key West

In Episode 3, Mike takes us to awesome Key West to explore the town and learn to kiteboard! Key West is the perfect place to take up the sport, with the right attitude and the right conditions.

Episode 2: Adventure Travel in Costa Rica

Fitch L-Sit, La Fortuna
Episode 2: Adventure in Costa Rica

In Episode 2, we’re off to Costa Rica for some adventure travel! With its mountains, beaches, jungles, and rivers, Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and fun places on earth. The people there embrace a healthy, outdoor lifestyle, and it seems like it would be impossible to run out of things to do.

Episode 1: Circus Training in Miami

Fitch, one-armed handstand, Miami Beach
Episode 3: Circus Training in Miami

In the first episode of Mike’s Global Playground, Mike starts us off with an exploration of his hometown of Miami. This place has a lot to offer, but one of it’s more unique workout activities can be found at the South Florida Circus Arts School. Come check out these incredible workouts!

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