Climbing ropes. Gym ropes. Adventure race, training, or conditioning ropes.

Whether you are planning to give an obstacle race a try; are contemplating trying out for American Ninja Warrior; or just want to develop killer grip strength and super hero lats and biceps, a climbing rope should be in your training tool box. And our premium Grade A Manila and Poly Dacron ropes are the highest quality on the market, all cut to order to meet your specific fitness needs.

What makes our ropes so special?

Global Bodyweight Training Manila Climbing Rope
Spliced Eye Loop at end of Manila Rope
Global Bodyweighttraining Training Manila Climbing Rope
Choker Loop for Hanging with Spliced Eye Loop
These climbing ropes are individually handcrafted with a technique known as splicing, where the attachment end is braided back into itself to form a 6″ loop. The loop is then covered with a heavy duty nylon friction guard, which protects it from fraying. And, as with all of our ropes, the other end is finished off with a heavy duty vinly boot to protect that end from fray as well.

The soft eye loop makes it easy to hang just about anywhere, without extra hardware. Using the choker hanging technique, you can hang your rope wherever you can find a beam or tree to toss the rope over! Just pull it tight, and you’ve got yourself an extremely safe rope that can accommodate a weight load of over 5,000 pounds. No need for extra hardware. Just grap your rope, and go find a great big tree for an incredible workout in the outdoors. You can also hang the rope using a chain and carabiner.

Choose the Manila rope for the more traditional option, which you may have climbed in grade school or encountered on your last adventure race. Or choose the Poly Dac rope for a something a little softer on the hands, requiring an even stronger grip. Try out this awesome fitness tool and you’ll immediately see why they are increasing in popularity: they provide a killer workout and are a lot of fun.

  • Build upper body strength and improve upper body muscular endurance
  • Increase overall pulling conditioning
  • Strengthen grip
  • Burn fat
  • Safe and fun for all ages – you’ll feel like a kid again!
  • Use indoors or outside
  • Employ a variety of movements for a full body workout
  • Build your skills for your next adventure race!
  • Utilizes natural movements with high functional carryover
  • Simple to immediately adjust workout intensity for individual needs, without having to adjust equipment

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