Bodyweight Athlete workshops offer you the opportunity to take your practice to the next level. These two-day events are taught by Mike Fitch. You must purchase and go through the entire BWA program prior to attending the workshop. That allows us to devote more workshop time to really focusing on fine tuning your progress, rather than spending time teaching the basics of the program. Mike will be teaching a limited number of these each year, at just a few select locations around the world (in US, UK, EU, and AU).

Benefits of Attending

When you attend a BWA workshop, you’ll get tons of hands-on practice tailored to your individual skill level, along with more in-depth information about the concepts underlying the program. The knowledge and skills you’ll gain will help you advance in your daily practice, and maximize your efforts to build a better body long-term. The workshop provides:

  • Personal attention to make sure that you’re training at the proper progressions for your current level
  • Help breaking through plateaus
  • Answers to your questions in the live Q&A, addressing details of the program and discussing how to make it successful with your individual lifestyle
  • Goal setting strategies
  • Planning for long term use of the program
  • Plus, you’ll learn about the WHY of the program – Why are these particular pinnacles so important to the human body? Why is each component necessary in a successful program? Why is skills acquisition so important for longevity?

    Bodyweight Athlete Workshop


    Each BWA program component will be covered over the course of the two days. Attendees will be able to work at their own threshold/practice level for each exercise, working in small groups to make their way through the program.

    • Day One Morning: Regeneration Components: SMR, Mobility Sequence A, and Activation (Core)
    • Day One Afternoon: Training Components: Push A Workout with Lift; Pull A Workout with Lift; Move Sequence
    • Day Two Morning: Regeneration Components: SMR, Mobility Sequence B, Activation (Core)
    • Day Two Afternoon: Training Components: Push B Workout with Lift; Pull B Workout with Lift; Move Sequence

    2016/2017 Workshop Dates

    DOWNLOAD THE BWA European Workshops Brochure 2017


    Individuals of all skill levels are welcome. However, you MUST purchase the on-line video program in order to take the workshop. You can purchase the video before or after you register, but strongly recommend getting it at least 45 days ahead of time so that you have time to go through the entire first cycle. The purpose of the workshop is to help you work on your specific skills and get you to the next level; it is not to teach you the basics of the program. We’ll assume you are familiar with the basic terminology and have taken the time to complete your assessment on each pinnacle line. So if you haven’t gone through the program prior to the workshop, you’ll have a hard time understanding what is happening in the workshop.