Purchase Bodyweight Bundle Until March 31GBT is psyched to be part of this GREAT DEAL for bodyweight athletes, available for only one week: The Bodyweight Bundle includes 38 downloadable bodyweight resources – including our own Animal Flow video! – for just $37. This bundle would normally sell for $1100+, so you save 97%! And that’s why it’s only lasting one week: it ends March 31.    Get the BODYWEIGHT BUNDLE HERE.

Since you already here on our GBT site, we’ll skip all the sales pitch about why bodyweight training is so great. You already know that. But what we do want you to know, is that this bundle of resources includes some really great stuff from some of the best bodyweight experts in the industry. We’re sure there is something in this package that you haven’t seen yet, and that you could learn something from. It includes:

8 Bodyweight Muscle Building ebooks
6 Bodyweight Fatloss ebooks
5 Bodyweight Play/Trick ebooks
10 Bodyweight Video/Workout Programs
5 Nutrition/Recipe ebooks
4 Bodyweight Flexibility/Rehab Programs

Some of the contributors include Mark Sisson, Craig Ballantyne, Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock, Logan Christopher, the Tapp Brothers, Funk Roberts, Nia Shanks, Jason Klein, Nick Nillson, and about 20 more smart, creative, and well-respected fitness and nutrition experts, all focused on ways to improve your own bodyweight training, from many different angles. You can find the full list of authors and books/videos included by clicking on the link below.

And, of course, we think it’s pretty good because our Animal Flow Workiout is included in it. Check out the whole deal and purchase your copy at the link below.

This special Bundle is only available for one week, and then it will never be offered again. So, we really encourage to jump on board. You’ll be receiving more than $1,000 worth of resources for $37 – that’s 97% off.


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