JEREMY BELTER has our favorite entry this week, showing us that bodyweight training can be practiced anywhere! Thanks Jeremy. With only eight days left in the competition, I’m happy to say we’ve had some incredible entries! The creativity and style of the videos have been inspiring and thought provoking.

Published by Mike Fitch

Mike is the founder of Global Bodyweight Training. He has more than 12 years as a fitness professional encompassing a wide range of disciplines which he draws upon to create the GBT system.

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  1. Hello Mike.

    My name is Derrick”Bionic Man” Clark. I been training in fitness for over 22 years.
    I specialized in bodyweight training.I was interesting in the advance bodyweight work-out challenge.
    I believe I can bring alot of creativity. My goals is to break or create some world records,grip sport,
    feats of strength,represent the bar community(bodyweight performer) etc…

    It is nice that I came across this site.I would love to share or display my phyiscal talents.
    I hope to hear back from you soon!

    1. Hey Derrick, I’m glad you introduced yourself to us. I’ll post another challenge soon, so we can get a look at your talents. In the meantime, If you want to send in a highlight video, we will definitely post it for you. Keep up the good work!

    1. That’s amazing Jeremy. Congratulations! I’ll definitely check out your site. I’m sure we can work on something together in the future.

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